Viewpoint Matters!

Let us listen
how industry leaders are living in Covid times.

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Iain McKenny shares his views on affect of Covid related restrictions and subsequent changes in litigation procedures.

What is Live Viewpoint?

Last few months has upended the world. All professionals are learning to live in this unprecedented environment, for which no one was prepared and there is no experience which can help stake holders to navigate through these difficult times. This has pushed many professionals including our colleagues into uncertain situation. Everyone talks of “new normal”-we need to imbibe, professionally and personally, but there is no one to guide or hold hand.

In these times, leaders of the industry and successful seniors in the profession have distinct responsibility to talk about the current situation and guide as to what future holds for us. Gurus around the world refers to “creating own communities”, but gurus in our profession, financial and corporate world need to talk to calm the nerves of members of our community.

This platform is created, in the current pandemic situation, with the objective of creating collective wisdom and thought process to enable professionals to deal with concerns and show some light in future. To deal with Covid like extremities there is no prearranged education, training and experience, based on which professionals can be prepared to handle calamity. So, professional leaders in law, banking, corporate world and other areas can share their perspective on multiple situations arising out of Covid and tell the world as to how they are dealing with it on real time basis. This undoubtedly can be helpful for fellow professionals. In these times, “talk”ing is a brilliant way of contributing towards mankind.

Here, we intent to invite leaders for a 20 minutes “talk”, where we can discuss general issues, currently, world is facing. The “talk” would be around issues like; role of leadership in the current predicament, what are the learnings from this pandemic, how it is going to set “new normal” for various professions, what would these leaders advice fellow professionals and then going to little more perceptive issues like; what is the future of legal and financial profession, how court functioning is going to change, how world order will be reset in event of cracks in WTO & WHO, how investors will see the current erosion in valuations etc.

We will try and rope in people who are “giving” and contributing in mitigating the current crisis for humanity. This does not necessarily mean philanthropists but also humanitarians who feel the plight of humans and dealing with real misery on the ground.